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Powerful MiVision platform
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With powerful reporting abilities HSBC MiVision gives you visibility and control over your business spend, management of your cards - supporting your digital payments transformation and working capital management.

HSBC MiVision

Programme management and reporting

  • Centralised transactions and payments data, with managed permissions for cardholders and administrators
  • Generate standardised or customised reporting to identify cash flow efficiencies and inform better working capital
  • Comprehensive reporting abilities to monitor spending, policy compliance and outgoing payments
  • Reduced time and costs for payment processing compared to traditional manual accounts payable processes
  • Exportable data to feed your existing accounting, ERP or EMS systems

Easy cardholder management and control

  • Easy access for cardholders and company administrators
  • Centralised programme-level management of cardholders and spend patterns
  • Apply for new cards and onboard new users
  • Manage credit limits and spend restrictions

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