Corporate Banking Terms and Conditions

Information about our products and services such as terms and conditions for your reference.

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We have made some changes to our Corporate Banking Terms and Conditions¹.

The General Terms and Conditions are terms governing your account(s) held with us. You are advised to read this together with the Products and Services Guide, which are terms and information relating to certain products and services to which you may have subscribed with us.

The General Terms and Conditions are made up of:

  1. The Master Services Agreement (including the Confidentiality and Regulatory Annex) – this document is applicable to your accounts and overall banking relationship with HSBC. If you already have an account with HSBC, either in New Zealand or elsewhere, you may have already seen this document. If this is the first time you are opening an account with HSBC, please read this document carefully.
  2. The New Zealand Country Conditions – these conditions amend and/or supplement the Relationship Documents (as defined in the Master Services Agreement) for your accounts in New Zealand only. Please read these conditions carefully whenever you open an account with HSBC in New Zealand.
  3. The E-Channels Security Measures – this document is applicable to you if you are subscribing for an HSBCnet profile, whether in New Zealand or elsewhere. If you already have an HSBCnet profile, whether in New Zealand or elsewhere, you would have seen this document.

If the General Terms and Conditions do not apply to you (for example because you do not open an account), the Relationship Terms of Business will govern your banking relationship with us.

Please note that if you have placed a term deposit with us, the relevant terms that applied as of placement of the deposit will continue to apply for the duration of the current term.

Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding your Corporate Banking account(s), please contact your Relationship Manager or you can call our helpdesk on 0508 443 924 (within New Zealand) or +64 9 368 8880 (if overseas, noting international toll charges may apply).

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