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Protect and finance your post shipment trade with forfaiting services that finance while managing risk.

Our forfaiting solutions

Export forfaiting

Obtain cash ahead of payment date by the importer while managing commercial and credit risk. Forfaiting makes your business more competitive as it allows you to offer longer credit terms to your buyers, without needing to wait for payment. Forfaiting works as an off-balance sheet financing solution that improves financial statements.

Embracing Business Unusual: In conversation with business leaders in Asia on resilience

HSBC hosted a virtual round-table in June with senior business leaders from Asia to explore how COVID-19 had affected their businesses, staff, customer needs and supply chains - and how they had responded to these changes, both immediately and in the longer term.

Global Trade

The way we all do business is changing. We can help you embrace new digital technology, to securely streamline the way you trade, and navigate the evolution of regional trade blocs with our global presence.

Rio Bravo Wind Project

See how HSBC brought together a US renewable energy company with New Zealand's Infratil Limited and the New Zealand Superannuation Fund

New Zealand Economics Comment

Aussie tourists would help a recovery

Conquering the Trans-Tasman divide

How to open up business opportunities both ways across the ditch with HSBC

Navigator – Resilience

Building back better

Blockchain: transforming the future of trade finance

Explore the groundbreaking end-to-end trade finance transaction on Corda.

South-East Asia in 2018

ASEAN, the 10-member Association of South-East Asian Nations, turned 50 in 2017.

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