Building Smarter Business

Now more than ever digital banking is important for corporates. HSBC is here to support you with products, solutions, thought leadership and training around innovation and digital transformation.

HSBC’s innovative digital banking is designed to empower your organisation’s transformation journey. Some areas for you to consider:

Digitisation of trade

Trade Transaction Tracker

A quick and easy way to access your trade transactions…anytime, anywhere. At HSBC, we continue to provide innovative tools to help make your life easier 24/7. And now, the HSBCnet Mobile app includes the new Trade Transaction Tracker.



Simplicity, connectivity and security matter more than ever at a time like this. HSBCnet is just one click away. You can access your global accounts via one streamlined platform, wherever and whenever you need it.

Client case study

Fonterra client case study

Reducing the usual transaction time from 7 days to less than 24 hours, the first Electronic Bill of Lading was carried out for a shipment of milk powder from New Zealand to China. By digitising the workflow, Fonterra is now able to complete the end-to-end process on a single platform, maximising operational efficiency and deliver the goods more optimally.

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Navigator – Resilience

How have companies weathered the current crisis? And how are they preparing for an uncertain future? Our survey shares insights from business decision-makers around the world

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Protecting Your Business

The increasing digitisation of industry plays a vital role in business growth. But it also brings new and potentially disastrous risks.

However, those risks can be understood, managed and mitigated. There are things that you can do to protect your business, and we are here to support you.

Sustainable business

In a world where sustainability and profitability goes hand in hand, it's in your business interest to venture against tomorrow's risks of climate change.

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